Texas 02berfest, 2013—a Three Baur Tour


The S.S. Minnow didn’t come to Fredericksburg, Texas for this First Annual Texas 02berfest, but three Baur Targa Cabriolet version 2002s did. That’s a significant percentage of the remaining Targas in the US.


Baur Cabrios belonging to JP Lips of Houston and Austinites Debbie Stuart and Terry Sayther


More than a dozen 2002s and Coupes, from as far as Arkansas and Louisiana came together [not literally] in central Texas in early November to celebrate either the day after Halloween or November Fools Day. Perfect weather was arranged, and a perfect route researched by CCA member John Trevey was chosen.

2013-11-02 09.26.41

Drivers universally raved about driving through a typical Texas Hill Country low water crossing on Friday:


Bo Black of Arkansas and Riah Collier of Austin trying to drown their sorrows.


Following a fine German dinner Friday night and a restful night, drivers and families gathered Saturday morning for a morning drive through narrow and winding ranch roads to our lunch spot in Medina, Texas. The afternoon found us in the limestone hills to the southwest and then along the Guadalupe River to Kerrville:




Tim Abendroth of Arkansas leading the way


South Central Regional Vice President Dan Baker and his wife Valerie came from Houston with smiles throughout the weekend:

2013-11-02 09.55.58



Saturday afternoon was reserved for photos and lies, then retiring to the Fredericksburg Brewery for dinner and beverages.


[Buddy Eltringham photo]


Sunday morning found us at a communal breakfast and then heading home.


 Buddy’s 1600 about to pass the S52 powered Frankenstein 2002 driven by Bill Smith


This event marks the founding of the Texas 02berfesters, an organization dedicated to continuing to use Vintage BMWs as they were meant to be used—on the roads. A small comfortable number of 2002s and Coupes attended, but more importantly, children and parents of participants came and joined us for meals and socializing. Hopefully our Spring Texas 02berfest in March 2014 will continue that tradition.

2013-11-02 10.40.58



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